About Golf Gloves

About Golf Gloves

2022-12-05 12:18:11

Gloves prevent blisters and calluses, prevent skin breakage, and provide shock absorption and slip resistance. During the golf swing, the hand is subjected to the shock generated by the impact of the club. Wearing gloves can provide players with a better feel and grip, help players stabilize their grasp, and even control the club, avoiding too-tight grip on the end of the club grip, and achieving a more effortless and smoother swing.

How can you choose the most suitable gloves for you?

Golf gloves should fit comfortably, like a person's second skin, and there should be not too much vacancy at the fingertips. The glove should also fit snugly when the palm is spread out. Because when you are playing, the glove will need to have a certain space to ensure that the glove always fits comfortably. Therefore, the sticky area on the back of the glove should not exceed 3/4 of the sticky buckle.

How to wear golf gloves correctly?

Because golf gloves have good flexibility and elasticity, do not pull them hard during wearing (usually the bottom of the glove, that is, the part near the wrist, has elastic). When wearing gloves, the movement should start from the fingers gently, so that the fingers and the gloves can be fully fitted. Then, slowly adjust the thumb and the palm of the hand. Finally, gently attach the Velcro on the back of the glove.

What's the Best Way to Care for Golf Gloves?

When you want to take off your golf glove, don't pull directly from the fingers. First, untie the Velcro, and then gently remove the handle from the back of the hand, the palm, to the thumb. Then grasp the part of the middle finger, and then take off the whole glove from between the fingers. After each use of the glove, gently take it off according to its original shape, fold the part of the thumb to the palm, and then gently lay the other part flat. If the gloves become wet due to sweat or weather, lay the gloves flat on a towel to dry. Once the glove is dry, please return it to its original packaging to protect and maintain its original shape.

Hope the above information can help you choose and use your golf gloves correctly. We are a manufacturer specializing in golf accessories. Support wholesale and custom golf gloves, towels, golf tees, golf ball markers and other golf accessories.

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