Golf Ball Marker

Golf Ball Marker


Dongguan Pinmei Metal Gifts Company Limited, a leading supplier of custom golf ball markers, operates from China with a significant impact in the golf accessories industry. 

Key Highlights of PINMEI:

  1. Multiple Factories: They operate three factories, all of which have passed rigorous audits by notable organizations such as Disney, SedEX, COCA-COLA, BSCI, and ISO.

  2. Product Range and Innovation: The company is known for its extensive product development capabilities, launching over two thousand new products annually. This includes a diverse range of golf accessories, catering to various customer needs.

  3. Global Reach: Pinmei has a significant export footprint, with millions of products shipped globally each year, particularly to the North American and European markets.

  4. Customer Service: The company boasts a knowledgeable sales team available 24/7, ensuring excellent customer support. This is complemented by their commitment to fast delivery, with long-term cooperation with FedEx ensuring products generally arrive within 3-6 days.

  5. Industry Participation: PINMEI actively participates in notable industry events like the PAG exhibition and the HK Gift and Premium Fairs, showcasing their commitment to staying connected with market trends and customer needs.

  6. Customization and Design: With a dedicated design team, PINMEI develops hundreds of new designs yearly, offering a wide array of choices for customizing golf ball markers and other products.

golf ball markers bulk

Golf ball markers in bulk are ideal for golf tournaments, clubs, and promotional events. These small, flat markers, often customizable, help players identify their balls on the green. They are economical when purchased in large quantities and can be designed with logos, names, or unique graphics, making them perfect for branding or personalization. Their practicality and versatility make them popular in the golfing community.

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