wholesale golf ball markers

wholesale golf ball markers

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Ball markers are made of iron or zinc alloy material. Compared with iron, zinc alloy material is more convenient to die-cast in different shapes, but the cost of zinc alloy material is higher than that of iron.



The thickness of the ball markers generally 1.2mm, but some customers also choose the thickness of 2mm. If you have any requirements for thickness, we can also customize the thickness you want.



Our main plating colors are Nickel, Antique Nickel, Antique Bronze and Black Nickel. What kind of plating color you choose to use, then the color of its metal is what color.


Production process

There are three types of our main processes. The first is soft enamel. After the mold is completed, we will polish, plating, and fill the color. After filling all the colors, put it in the oven to dry. The second is imitation hard enamel. After the mold is completed, we fill the color, Water mill, polish, and finally plating. The last type is printed ball markers, there are two kinds of printed ball markers, one is digital printing, which uses a digital printer to print out stickers, Stick the sticker on the grooved ball markers and use epoxy to fix and protect the pattern and text on the sticker. The second is UV printing, which can be printed on white UV paint directly using a UV printer.


Blank ball marker

We have three different blank ball markers. If you have a digital printer, you can choose our grooved blank ball markers, you can DIY yourself. If you have a UV printer, you can buy our UV printed blank markers. If you have a laser machine, you can choose a mirrored marker to laser print your desired pattern and text.

We currently have over 200 different designs of ball markers that are very popular on Amazon.

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