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    TOWEL SIZE: Tri-fold Microfiber Golf Towel,16"" X 24"" with Carabiner Clip.

    SUPERB CLEANING ABILITY: Leaves lint and Streak Free|Not Scratch Paints Surfaces| Antistatic |Easy to Clean|Durable, Super Absorbent, Fast Drying removes dirt, mud, sand, and grass better than cotton towels.

    HIGH QUALITY - The Top-Tier Microfiber material provides superior water absorption and quicker dry time after the round. Deep waffle pockets help clean grooves faster and more thoroughly while trapping dirt and debris

    HEAVY DURY CARABINER CLIP: Durable and hard Aluminum Carabiner Clip can attach the towel to your golf bag and prevents losing your towel. Super Convenient and easy to use.

    MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Rest assured, if you encounter any problems when using our golf towels, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


What is a Golf Towel Used For?


    One of the key things a golf towel does is clean.

    Use a damp golf towel to clean off the club when it gets dirty. Use your other dry towel to wipe it clean. Professionals use this trick even when their golf club is not necessarily dirty. A quick wipe ensures it’s in pristine condition.  It also fends off rust, which is something every golfer will enjoy.

    Dirty golf balls are more challenging to hit than clean ones. So, if you notice your ball getting a little dirty, a quick swipe with the wet and dry golf towels can work wonders for your gameplay.


    Even more important than the cleaning aspect is the drying. A golf towel used for drying can be used in multiple applications, including:

    Drying off the club. Trying to shoot when your club is wet is going to be a recipe for disaster. You will ultimately lose your grip and risk the shot. Avoid this disaster by drying off wet clubs before taking the shot.

    Drying the ball. A wet golf club can be challenging to hit correctly. Again, you can deter an “off” shot by simply drying off a ball. This will come in handy if you ever have the off chance of shooting into a lake, stream, or puddle of mud. It’s also great for days when the green is just simply wet from rainfall the night before.

    Drying your hands. Last but not least, you can use your golf towel to dry off your sweaty palms. Seriously. Being out in the sun all day can lead to some drenched palms. This can pose a challenge to your grip of the club, leading to horrible shots. Use the golf towel to dry your hands and reclaim your best shot.

    Drying your face. Sweaty palms aren’t the only issue with golfing; your face can get quite sweaty, too. If sweat beads drip into your eyes, it can make it harder to see where you need to put them. So, wipe your face before putting it in and be glad you did."

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