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Custom Tees Golf

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Greater Consistency. Better Scores

    Our golf tee’s quick & easy adjustable height will enable you to drive consistently by eliminating one of the big variables that go into teeing off. Just: (1) set the disc at the right height for you and your club (2) stick tee in the ground (3) start playing like the real you again :) (4) repeat. Tee off at the same height every time. You will love the added consistency that Telos adjustable golf tees bring to your game.

Virtually Unbreakable

    The golf tees are built with an impact-modified polymer to ensure maximum durability. One pack of three tees lasts the average golfer a season. These are some of the most unbreakable golf tees on the market.

Never Lose a Tee Again

    The disc used for height adjustability also doubles to keep the golf tee in the ground when you swing so you never misplace it. Depending on the tee box conditions and your swing, the golf tee may still come out on occasion, but the high-contrast colors make the tee extremely visible and virtually impossible to lose.

3 ¼ Inches. USGA Rule Conforming

    The golf tees are tournament legal for any events using the USGA or R&A rules.

Premium Plastic Golf Tees

    Each pack comes with three tees, three adjustable discs, and the consistency you need to make this your greatest season yet.



    Q1:What are the length of the tees?

    A1:Idk the dimensions but I do know I’ve been slamming the ball Like Bryson and still have the first tee after 10 rounds!

    Q2: Can you use them for irons? Looks too long to push down into hard ground after adjusting

    A2: Even with harder tee boxes, I use the ball to assist with the pushdown, and I use an impact-type motion to get it in the ground, I put the disc on number 1 or the first bubble, and still even with rainless hard tee boxes, with a touch of effort goes into the ground. Anyone that can't get it into the ground just didn't try or if they say they bend it, they just tried to smash it.

    Q3: How many tees are in a pack?

    A3: We can custom for you according your requirement.


Company Profile

    We have three factories, the first one is specialized in golf metal products, such as golf ball markers, divot tools, hat clips, etc. Our factory has passed the BSCI, Disney, and SedEX certifications. The second is for sewing products, such as golf head covers and bags, which have also obtained BSCI certification. The last one is to make plastic products, such as plastic golf tee, Golf ball retrievers, and other products.

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