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About this item

    Adequate Quantity: you will receive 200 pieces of blue and white striped golf tees in total, the ample quantity is enough to satisfy your needs and other demands, as your backups and share with your friends.

    Reduce Friction: bamboo golf tees measure about 83 mm/ 3.26 inches, are stronger than wooden tees, and can reduce friction and side spin, which will provide you with a more interesting sports experience.

    Safe and Sturdy: our golf tees are made of natural bamboo, stronger than regular wooden tees, have more accurate ball flight compared to plastic tees, are not easy to break or deform, and can serve you for a long time.

    Wide Compatibility: unlike similar products on the market, these golf tees wood are designed to ensure full compatibility with most golf clubs, including iron, wooden designs, and other designs.

    Gift Supplies: these bamboo tees can be applied as thoughtful presents for your friends and family who are interested in playing golf, their classic colors and suitable sizes could meet most of their training demands, and they will appreciate your concern.



    Material: natural bamboo

    Color: as the picture shows

    Size: 3-1/4 inch (83 mm)

    Compatible with wood, iron, and clubs


Package includes

    200 x Golf tees


The length and use of golf tee

    The golf tee is available in lengths from 1 inch to 3 and a half inches. A 1-wood drive needs to be longer, and other drivers may need a shorter drive. Even with the same golf tee, some people like to put it higher, and some like it lower. There are no hard and fast rules. If the golf tee is inserted too high, it is easy to hit the high-altitude ball, and the deviation of the ball will be larger, but some people say that the golf tee is higher, and the hitting distance is longer.

    When inserting the golf tee, it is not necessary to insert it straight, but slightly inclined towards the direction of the ball flying. The purpose of using this method is to reduce the resistance when hitting the ball because if the tee is slightly inclined in the direction of the ball flying, the golf tee will fall immediately when the club head hits the ball, which can reduce the resistance of the tee. , to make the clubhead smooth and focus more concentrated.

    The grass on some golf terraces has not been cut for many days, and the golf tee is inserted according to the general height. Although the height is still the same, it is easy to cause visual errors due to the length of the grass, which will cause the club head to be raised when hitting the ball. , the golf tee should be raised moderately at this time.

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