Plastic Golf Tee

Plastic Golf Tee

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About this item

Great Stability

    These golf tees are stable and do not bend when you insert the golf tee into the ground.


Durable Material

    Our plastic golf tees are made of polycarbonate plastic material, which is durable and can be used repeatedly. After a few rounds with our golf tees, it's still intact.


Standard Size

    These long golf tees size is 3 1/4 inches. There are three packing specifications, 50/100/150 count.(You can choose the packing according to your requirement)


Less Friction

The small cup design of the golf tee reduces friction between the golf tee and the golf ball. The bottom of a golf tee is sharp enough to reduce drag when the tee is inserted into the ground.


Mixed Colour Packaging

    Available in blue, yellow, orange, and white golf tees, the four bright and eye-catching golf tees colors are packaged in a mix, making them easy to find when you tee off.


Product Advantages


    Our plastic golf tee uses three layers of top structure, which has a good stability effect. It keeps you steady on your serve.

    The golf tee's three-layer structure adds stability and stabilizes the ball. The small top size reduces friction between the tee and the golf ball.



    When the golf tees are inserted into the ground, the bottom tip reduces drag and doesn't bend.

    And our excellent design of the tees has a loop in the middle that stays the same height for every tee shot.



    Our bulk golf tees come in packs of 50/100/150 count. Tees can branded with vibrant colors so you can stand out on the golf course.

    The colored tees are stylish and practical. These are the perfect golfing gift for a man or woman.



    Q1: What is the height from the step to the top of the cup?

    A1: The length from the top to the step is 2 inches. Applies to all drivers, of course, you can also use different types of clubs according to your preference.

    Q2: How about the quality of these tees?

    A2: Perfect quality and a great deal to buy these good quality tees for less money.Less likely to bend or break than other plastic tees I've used.

    Q3: Should I choose wooden or plastic tees?

    A3: Plastic tees are more durable than wood tees, and they won't break down after a few rounds. I have used both and now I will only choose to continue to buy this plastic tee. It is light in weight and easy to carry. Worth buying!

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