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100% Natural Bamboo

    Bamboo tees are stronger than wooden tees. They are biodegradable, ensuring that your favorite golf course and clubs stay in tip-top shape.


Protect Your Clubs

    Natural bamboo golf tee has special tensile strength and a smooth surface that allows for a smoother shot without leaving marks on the club.


Exclusive Marking System

    Adjust height according to the stripes. You can easily achieve consistent height at every hit.


Reduce Friction

    The smooth cup design minimizes contact between tee and ball while reducing friction and side spin for optimal accuracy and distance.


Value Pack & After-sales

    The package includes 150-pack (2-3/4"") bamboo golf tees. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us. We guarantee to give you a satisfactory solution.


Product advantage

    100% Natural Bamboo Material

    Made of 100% bamboo material. Bamboo is an ECO material that does not cause secondary pollution.


Two Sizes Available

    The golf tees have two sizes:

    1.2-3/4 inch, 70mm

    2.1/4 inch, 83mm


Striped Markings

    The professional bamboo golf tees are printed with black strips. You can adjust the height of the tee according to the black strips.


Keep Better Performance

    The bamboo golfing tees feature a specific tensile strength that does give you longer and straighter drives.

    Due to the gentle and strong material of bamboo tees, they do not leave marks on the surface of the club.


Maintaining Stability & Reducing Friction

    Wide cup, placing the ball easier and more stable.

    Low-resistance tip for less friction, suitable for indoor and outdoor golf practice.


Ideal Golf Tees

    Professional golfers everywhere prefer bamboo tees because of their greater durability and golf course Eco materials.

    The tee can only be used to rack up the ball at the tee, so it is easier to play. Tee can be used with any club on the tee, not necessarily limited to the 1-wood. However, the tee cannot be used at any time other than a tee.

    The word Tee is derived from the Gaelic word ""tight"", which means ""house"". In early golfers, as in the 19th century, when golfers said Tee, they meant where they need. One of the earliest 1744 editions of the Rules of Golf reads: ""Your Tee must be upon the Ground."" Golfers at the time usually tee off at a distance of one club behind the previous hole on a tee made of sand, a distance that was later extended to 2- and 4-bar distances. After that, in the 1920s, through a revolutionary invention by a dentist, golfers got out of the predicament of sanding Tee by themselves and used the current artificial Tee.

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